Friday, June 09, 2006

No Tittle

It's been three weeks I am sitting here at Shah Alam head office since 15/5/06. Everyday I just doing nothing but to surf the net to read blogs and forums. Really feel that I am useless in the Head Office since I have not much to do here. Some people might think 'What a great life you are having in the office doing nothing but still get your pay by the end of the month.' But, experience told me that if you are doing nothing in the office, you be suffering for 8 hours like you are worst than a prisoner (prisoner at least got work to do).

Haiks, why my life is like that, when busy will be busy untill overnight, when free will be free as free as you can't imagine how free is it?

Please pray for me that my company will get a new project soon.

1 comment:

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