Sunday, October 07, 2007


Working in construction line, PPE is very important to ensure that you are well protected while working at site.
You may ask, PPE, what the hack is that?

PPE - Personal Protective Equipment, means the gadgets that protect yourself.

See myself below with PPE:

Cool huh?

The white colour helmet we called it 'safety helmet', compulsory for all who walk, sit, sleep, eat, drink and etc. at site.

The red and yellow colour belt around my body called 'safety harness', compulsory wear when you are working at height.

My eye wear, which looks like sun glasses, it's called safety glass, eyes protection gadget. (obviously)

Any my shoes, which you can't see in this picture, it's called safety boot, compulsory wear same as safety helmet.

Lots of gadgets which we need to wear for special works like welding, flame cutting, heavy lifting, which I don't have it with me in this demo, so next time lah...

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