Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Nomex Coverall

Was rush back to KL after working last Sunday. To catch the time, I was wearing my Nomex Coverall and drove all the way from Kerteh to KL. When I arrived and decided to had something to bite at one of the mamak store in PJ, everyone was looking at my Orange Color Nomex Coverall like they never seen before. The worst is when I meet up my friends there, the 1st question they ask is 'Are you going to destroy the metreo and save the world like the Movie Armmagadon???' LOL.

To let you all know, Normex Coverall is a fire fighting shirt that resistant to fire (Don't ask me how long, I dare not to try....). This is one of the requirement of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for entering any live plant. I am not going to save the world like the movie, ok?


  1. Hehehe.. no need to save the world lar... saving me from getting into troubles too often is already a full-time job liao, hor??? Muacks!

  2. Best regards from NY! »