Friday, April 30, 2021

SGX Portfolio Update Apr-2021

NikkoAM-STC Asia Ex-Japan REIT - Small gain. I am building up this ETF with POSB Regular Saving Plan, I will disinvest this once my RSP hits 1,000 units and continue there.

SIA - Drop back to $5.0x, should have sell last month when it hits $5.80. Travel bubble between SG and HK is confirm but the case is rising after the announcement, will it cancel again? 

OCBC - The bull run continue this month, up trend to $12.xx, biggest gain in my portfolio so far. Will continue to hold for long term.

CapitaLand - Still trading at 3.7x. Will keep for now.

Genting Singapore - Drop back to 0.8x, red position, dividend inside pocket, pay out by next month.

ComfortDelGro - Stays at 1.7x, case rising again and this counter will drop again.

Singtel - recover to 2.5x, small gain, considering holding for long term.

NetLink NBN - Finally back to 0.97, almost breakeven, expecting a good set of results and increasing of DPU.

HSTech ETF - Now trading at 1.3x, red position, very volatile.

UOB - Continuing bull run with OCBC, now 26.xx, green position, consider to add at XD.

Top Glove - Received dividend this month. Sold partial of my position when it hits $1.85. Now trading at $1.83, red position.

CityDev - Back to $7.90, I am still consider whether to hold this for long term or not, will continue to monitor this counter.

Sheng Siong - Getting a small position for the upcoming dividend. I am considering this counter for the short to mid term play, maybe hold for 3 months?

MIT - Finally get my hand in for this counter, I am planning to hold this REIT for long term dividend passive income.

Currently my portfolio is at positive 1%, mostly come from OCBC and UOB.

STI index is still trading above 3,200, leading by the 3 banks.

My RSP for both ETFs and StashAway are in green position too.

I am also eyeing at some counters which will be XD next month.

Watch lists: UOB, CityDev, CDG, MIT, MLT, FLCT

Sunday, April 25, 2021








Friday, April 23, 2021

Migrating from Android to iOS

It has been 2 weeks since I migrated from Android to iOS, I would like to jot down my experience before I forgot, for future reference.

First of all, why am I migrating?

The main reason is I do not have my next target Android phone to upgrade to. Google has fuck me up by not bringing in Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 to Singapore. I do not see any chance to Pixel 6 either. My second choice will be LG but they will be gone for good. Not a fans of Samsung, not considering China brands, so I have no choice but to switch. 

Coincidently, My wife upgraded her phone and has an iPhone X lying around, so I pick it up, bring to Apple store Singapore and get the battery replaced and voila, "new" phone unlocked!

Beside the reasons above, I also want to try out Apple ecosystem with my iPad Pro and my wife MacBook Pro, after reading so many good review about Apple ecosystem online.

The transition process is somewhat painless. I used "Transfer to iOS" apps from Google play to transfer my contacts and SMS. Since I throw almost everything to Google Drive, so no major data transfer is needed. 

The only down side is I am loosing all my WhatsApp chat history. There are still no sync between Android and iOS while other apps and games has it for years, shame on you WhatsApp!

Anyway I believe is a good start for me as there are so many "rubbish" in my WhatsApp chat history that I always want to get rid of, a fresh start is a good news to me instead.

Basically I used 1-2 hours to re-download the apps and games, most of the time are used to retrieve forgotten passwords LOL.

What I like about iOS:

1. Easy to use

2. Retina display is way better than my Google Pixel 2 XL

3. Smart learning, the device can capture your usage pattern very fast

4. Apple Music, I am a long time iPod classic user and I have all my music stored in iTunes

5. Strong vibrate that I can feel. When I am using Pixel 2 XL, I can hardly feel when my phone is ringing and vibrating

What I missed from Android:

1. Always on display, this is really convenient, I can look at the time and notification without unlock the phone 

2. Bigger screen, iPhone X screen is too small for today standard

3. Spam sms block, Google really did a good job here, Apple please catch up

4. Finger print, Face ID don't work when I am on mask.

6. Google pay with finger print is easier to use, Apple pay took so many steps - double click, Face ID, Passcode, or am I missing something here?

Am I regret of switching over?


Will I switch back Android?

Yes, if only google bringing in Pixel phones again to Singapore.

Please Google, please bring Pixel phones to Singapore again.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021



三年裡算是經歷了一次牛和熊的cycle,投資組合的paper loss曾經一度跌至負三、四十巴仙,但還好意志堅定,今時今日我的投資組合已平盤,算股息在內算是有點小賺。





三,就算長期持有,股票也不一定會升。每間公司都有自己的life span,當公司走下坡的時候,如果來不及轉型或轉型失敗的話,就有機會倒閉。所以我們買進一家公司的股票後,我們一定要注意那家公司的新聞。如果那家公司的fundamental有所改變,我們就應該考慮賣出。


一,太保守。由於自己已經有點年紀,所以買進的都是big cap藍籌股,所以這三年來錯失了很多股價翻倍的small cap。希望以後可以在買進一點small cap,大概五到十巴仙就好。


三,不夠分散。只投資新加坡股市讓我錯失了很多機會。雖然現在我大部分投資還是在新加坡市場,但我也開始build up一些外國市場的ETF和Robo,希望這些額外的投資可以幫我更快速地達到財務自由的境界。