Friday, March 10, 2006


I went for an interview last Friday.

Surprisngly, three interviewers were there to conduct my interview session.

Tell you all frankly, I was feeling nervous at that time because that is the most 'formal' interview session that I had in my past experience.

I was told to intro myself and my working in PROPER ENGLISH, yes, without any 'additional' or 'import' language. What they explained is they need to test my speaking due to most of their client are from oversea and they are looking for presonnel that can speak and write well in English.

Gosh, thanks to my school mates and uni-mates that train me to speak, it is really useful for the above.

I am waiting for the results now. Hope it will be positive because it will reflect my current English Speaking and Writting skills which I concern more than the new job. :P