Monday, March 13, 2006

Team Work

Bad News: My project manager was removed from site with immediate effect.

Worst News: I am going to in charge of the project until the replacement come.

OMG!!!! Without any handover lists, I have to take over his remaining tasks by less than 1 hour. I am like ----> :O

Now, my post is – Project Manager + Construction Manager + Planner + Quantity Surveyor for the entire project, this is my biggest challenge so far in my career.

Luckily, I got support from all my supervisors which I always good to them, supplier which I deal honestly with them, and client that I always respect them. Gosh, without their help, the job won’t be running for the last 3 days.

The benefit I get from this incident is, I am more confident to run a job independently and I had proved that I can do it. And I did it!!!!

The moral of the story is, to run a job, it’s not a one man show, and it’s a team work. Respect your team mates and they will respect u in double.

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