Monday, March 27, 2006


Recently, I feel very hard to wake up during morning; not because I like to sleep, but it’s because of I don’t like to go to work. Every time entering the plant, I feel myself like entering a prison. The only different is there is prisoners no need to bring laptop to go inside the prison and work work work work work work work work……….

Last night, my friend is complaining that her working hours is too long, which is 8 hrs per day and 6 days per week. I was so surprise, isn’t that normal office working hours? If that is call long, how about my 10 hrs daily working in 7 days a week and sometimes even more????? SIGH!!!! You really ‘XIN FU’ as compared to me you know!!!

Anyway, complain is complain, we need to face the reality that we need to work for penny to continue our life. Let’s go back to work……


  1. I can so totally understand what you feel at this moment...yup, it's a sign that you need a change in your current chapter of your life...go for a holiday, or get a new girl or maybe even consider changing jobs! Stress is good to push us forward, but too much of unnecessary and avoidable stress is bad for our mind and soul...You've got to think of ways to de-stress or risk going nuts before you reach 30! Take a vacation! Do something out of the ordinary! Be radical! Be different! Be happy! CHEERS!!!

  2. Maybe if you stop blogging, msn, online games, surfing, sms-ing, etc... you will be able to go back in 8 hours too??? *grins*

  3. Fiona: I retired from msn, online games, surfing longtime back. SMS-ing and blogging doesn't consume much time during my working hours. I am working extra hour cause my work load increase, so don't simply say.....


  4. Lol..okie okie.. so kwai liao ar...

    I think we all grow old liao lah... lost interest in all these things :p

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