Friday, May 05, 2006

Check List after Vacation

Here are the results after my vacation:

1) My sister wedding on 30/4/06 - Mission completed. Money Spent. :P

2) My income tax to be submitted before 30/4/06 - Submitted in electronic form, LHDN still owe me RM 200++

3) Job interview in Penang on 27/4/06 - Done. However the job doesn't match my carreer objective, I refuse to take the offer.

4) Paktor with my new gf by the weekend - Great weekend we had, I will never forget, hope she feel the same way too.

5) Meeting all my old pals during the holiday - Yup, we gather together and have a nice breakfast together. Peace dude!

6) Meeting my parents that I miss them very much - And I bring my gf to meet them, they are very happy with that.

7) Looking for new car? - Cancelled. Now I rather save my money for my marriage.

8) Shop for new digital camera? - Cancelled. My sister had owned one.

9) Buying massage chair for my lovely parent? - Stopped by my lovely parent.

6 out of 9 tasks complete successfully, not bad huh?

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