Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I am back!

This is my last night in Paka.

I will be transfered back to head office starting tomorrow. Some peoples are not happy with the transfer, but I feel complicated on the transfer.

Happy - I will start enjoy my life in KL again because work in head office is more relaxing as compared to site. Most important is I am near to my gf for the 1st time.

Sad - I will lose my allowances ($$$$). I will be blamed cause I left over the job and others have to take over it. Some peoples start hating me because of that.

Uncertain - I don't know how long will I be stationed in head office and I worry that management will send me to oversea project.

Tired - I have to like start my career again cause I have to work with new team mates which I never work with them before.

Exicted - What else, more time to spend with my gf la!!!

However, I got a strong feeling that I will be back to Paka in the near future.....

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