Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thanks My Friends

Thanks for everyone that remember my b-day and wishes me happy on the particular day!

Razif - The 1st one ever wishes me happy birthday a day before my birthday.

Onn - Thanks for remembering my b-day even you already have a gf.

Majorie - Don't call me old man lah... We are almost the same...

Scweng - The only one wishes me happy birthday LENG CHAI - U R THE BEST MAN!!!

Fiona - Thanks for remembering me.

Winnie - Thank you ah sou!!

Hui (Ah Sei Gor) - Thanks, your b-day we go Genting again!!!

Alvin - Thanks dude!

Sam Gor - Thanks, although you late for one day.

Thank you everyone, really touch when reading msg from you all, however, I will be more touch if I could receive some b-day presents from you all.



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