Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Magic of Cosmetic

1. Before After 2. Before After 3. Before After 4. Before
After5. Before After
6. Before After7. Before After8. BeforeAfter9. Before After10. Sometime makeup does not gaurantee you look better....After (I think the makeup failed....)11. But still, makeup works for most of the women After12. Yes, it really works!!After13. This is really good looking, with or without makeup After
14. No surprise....After, almost the same16. I don't know what to say... @.@ After17. As well as this...After
18. Sometimes makeup really can spoiled your look After19. This is when you see her in shopping mall....This is when you see her in friendster, multiply, xanga, MSN space and etc....
Lot's of traps in internet, huh?

20. BeforeAfter, looks like prostitute21. Before & after, not bad, I mean the makeup skill...22. BeforeAfter, she said she looks like Cecilia Cheung...23. Last one... After, can't she think of better pose... -.-"

So now you understand why the makeup products are so costly....

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