Friday, September 21, 2007

Modify, Debrand and Upgrade My P990i

In my previous post I promised to write a review on SE P990i. Before I have time to do that, I would like to share my experience on modify, debrand and upgrade the P990i.

My P990i actually is an AP handphone from UK. The original firmware come with the phone won't allow you to read and write Chinese. To contribute a little bit in maintaining the Chinese culture (sounds great....) I decided to ask the phone seller to upgrade for me for free.

However, thanks to internet forum, I found out from IT168索尼爱立信论坛 there is a better way - debranding your phone, rather than the lousy update done by the phone shop, which will not allow you to update your phone firmware from the internet.

Actually before I decided to perform the above, I was so nervous because there are few things might happened:
- The P990i will become stone,
- The P990i will work but without chinese supports,
- The P990i will work with chinese support but not supporting your SIM card.
- The P990i will work and support your SIM card but will hang frequently.
- The P990i will work and support your SIM card and stable. -> My wish list.
But still, I like to take up such challenge, especially things related to phone and computer.

Following step by step as shown in the forum, it takes me one and a half hours to complete the whole debrand and upgrading process. (I don't want to explain further cause it will be very boring for those who is not interested to it.) And now, I am like having a brand new phone with excellent performance. Thanks to the talent I am having. :P

Now I would like to play with another model from SE, who wanted to give their SE phone for me to do experiment, contact me.

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