Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Chipster Moment

Get the contest information from Nuffnag.
Actually I do not even know Twisties had come out with this new product, CHISPTER, even I am a fans of Twisties Curry Favour.... What a shame!

And also, actually I never think of getting into this contest until yesterday, accidentally, I found CHISPTER in a mini market over here. Can't believe that in this small town Labuan, CHISPTER is venturing into it.

Since everything 'matching' at one time, by immediate decision, I had took some snap with my handphone with CHIPSTER and take part, at the last moment, into the contest.

Here are those photos:

Haha! Do I look cute?

Maybe they will award the 'oldest contester' to me as a special reward...(Dreaming...)

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