Thursday, September 06, 2007


After 6 years (or more?) long term relationship with Nokia, I had decided to end it by buying a Sony Ericsson P990i last week. Reason being? Cause the price drop drasticly from RM 2,099 to RM 1,099. Also I wanted this phone when it 1st launch 2 years back.

For those that have no idea of what P990i looks like, here are the picture:


Of course, there are some illution added to the photos. The real one do not looks that solid as the pictures shown.

Before I brought this phone, I had did some survey over the internet (Thanks Internet!) and friends (Thanks Candy and her bf), and I noticed that the rating of this phone is dramatic, some will rate as 1 and some will rate as 8, 9 and even 10!!! It was so confusing!! However, after using the phone, I found that it's not that bad. And all reported bugs did not happened (or yet?) to me, YAHOO!!

BTW, I am still 'exploring' the phone, will come back with detail review after this. (If I remember it.)


  1. Isn't it too bulky? When u put in the pocket of your pant, isn't it so obvious? Some more, I heard bigger phone comes with higher radioactive (Danger! Danger!), do you not afraid it might have impact on your "brother"?

  2. Yes, it's bulky, but with that size only can get relative bigger screen for better viewing!

    And for the radioactive part, I don't know how to answer but today our world environment are full with radioactive, aren't we?

  3. your eyes not so small, why need such a big screen?