Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dekstop Customization

Actually I don't really like to put so many things on my desktop (not even a recycle bin). However, due to I am lazy of work this morning, and feeling boring, I had done something to my desktop. Here is how it looks like after the 'something' I had done: See any different? YES!! I installed Yahoo! Widget. This is not the 1st time for me to use Yahoo! Widget, but it had been half a year before since I left my previous company. I like the widget because it give me lots of useful stuffs such as Mail Checker, Calander and Organizer and etc. Who is interested can take a look here.

And if you noticed, the wallpaper I used is same with what I had in my blogger page, I like orange colour recently, hehe!


  1. YO.. I also am using Yahoo! Widgets and liking them very much.. haha.. check out my desktop -> Alvin's Desktop

  2. 哈哈,真是懷念 XD

    以前我很喜歡把 PC 弄得像 Mac 一樣
    當朋友驚訝以及讚美的時候我很有成就感 XD

    玩久了……Memory馬上掉 -,-

  3. [Alvin]: New laptop huh? Haha...

  4. Look very nice! Easy to install or not as I am blur blur on this! Have a nice day!

  5. Laptop not mine la wei.. my company punya.. haha