Saturday, January 12, 2008

How to I Kill Time in Bahrain?

As compared to my last job, I am getting a lot of free time here in Bahrain.

I work 6 days a week here as well but the working hours are less than last time. Anyway, in this boring place, plenty of time doesn't means you can enjoy but you need to kill some of your brain cells to figure out how to 'utilize' it.

Let's look at those gadgets I use to kill the time:

My Asus Laptop

This is the most important all-in working and entertainment gadget for me. Computer is part my life since 1999. I still remember the 1st PC I owned, Pentium 600Mhz CPU with 15” CRT monitor. That time it cost RM 3000+, thanks papa! I had used it for so long, from 1999 to 2004, of course, I changed everything inside except the processor and the motherboard. Although now it’s lying in my hometown but it’s still in useable condition. I had brought it along from Bangi to Ipoh to Putrajaya to Terengganu.

Oopsss, I am supposed to talk about how my laptop help me to kill time, sorry, sorry. During working hour, it is important (not only for internet and chatting, trust me!) for me to perform my day by day duty, by using various pirated software. Of course, IE and MSN are essentials, :P. At night, it will transform from work station to an all in entertainment station – Movie, music, photo and link me to my other electronic gadgets. Oh gosh, without it, I can’t live. (I can’t live~~~~ If living it’s without you~~~)

MP3 Players

I brought this on 2004, right after I purchased my 1st Acer laptop, which once I mentioned in my post. Actually I quite regretted after buying this, due to:
1. It’s bulky.
2. It’s expensive, well, I brought it by installment.
3. It’s not I-pod.
4. It’s not I-pod Nano.
5. It’s not I-pod Movie.
6. It’s not I-pod Shufffle.

YES! I prefer I-pod. I so regretted because that time I-pod it’s just a little bit expensive than this one. I tried to sell it off but failed. Anyway, now it become my MP3 library, but I don’t have much. So far, I just occupied 30% of it 20Gb storage. Anyway, it still a good accompany before I get into sleep.

PSP Slim & Lite

It’s took me years to decide to buy a 2nd game console for myself after my Super Genius game console. I am into video gaming, but I always have reasons not to buy any game console because I am too good in PC (Ahemmm….). I used emulator to satisfy my thirst to video gaming, I played PS1, Gameboy, Nintendo and even arcade games via PC. I stop playing those when I owned my 1st laptop, because laptop it’s not design for gaming.

Now I owned this, with lots of games. Few times I played PSP until the next morning. It’s bring back my memory during my Uni time, finishing Final Fantasy 8 in one week time. (Scweng, we did it together, remember?)


Yes, no problem with your eyes, I read books.

A lot of people nowadays prefer eBook, but for me, I still enjoy reading books. I read only books in Chinese (that’s why most of my posts are in Chinese).I brought only 2, already finish 1. Next time should bring more.

Alarm Clock

Alarm clock how to kill time? You may ask.

Actually, the specialty of this alarm clock is it will never topple. So when I have nothing to do, I like to push it, and let it swings.

Why all indoor activities one?

Because I like indoor activities, especially…. (^^,)


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  2. kakaka... you so mou liu... play what also wanna tell... I suggest uyou one more thing la... try bake cake, if don't have the ga lang chang. try home dishes :D