Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Posts in Manglish?!?

Since October last year, almost 99% of the posts I published were in Chinese.

Recently I introduce my blog to some of my MSN chatters, but the reactions I got was:

'How come your blog so pahlia one, all in Chinese, me how to read?'

Oh sorry, I forgot I still have a lot of 'jiu jai jiu lui' who doesn't read or write chinese. Thus, one suggestion come:

'Why don't you start posting with manglish? Sure very jeng!!'

Hmmm.... Can be considered....

For those who do not have an idea what is Manglish, Manglish (or sometimes Malglish or Mangled English) is the colloquial version of the English as spoken in Malaysia and it is a portmanteau of the word Malay and English (also possibly Mandarin and English). The Malaysian Manglish is sometimes known as Rojak or Rojak Language (Bahasa Rojak), but it differs with the Rojak language by the usage of English as the base language. It is similar to Singlish. (Source from Wikipedia)

Yup, I talking in manglish, chatting in internet with manglish, but write a blog post in Manglish is a new thing for me......

Ok, let give a try:

I oledi stay in Bahrain for 1.5 months jor, here very boring de.... No entertainent, nothing one...

Every weekend mia holiday also stay at house only, manyak sien mia.... Got shopping can golah but not always loh... Very far mah...

Food also very expensive lah here, so I learn cooking lor, almost day day cook, now also learn how to cook liao.

Leave some comment lah you people, you all must support me ah!



  1. haha...very special manglish blog writing...keep it up lo, bro.

    oh ya, the song u put in ur blog is really nice!

  2. No problemo! I sapport u kaw kaw! Me 'banana' men! Chinese but not know how to read & write chinese!!! He! He! Have a nice day!

  3. chinese isn't very good. I was going to use your blog as practise :)

  4. 不错, 不错. 但别太多, 要不然你以后就习惯成自然了.

  5. [joeyoe]: You are one of the 'Banana Girl'?

    [hor ny ang moh]: Thanks for the 9 9 supports.

    [mh]: Yaya, can ask me anytime if you need help.


  6. BRAVO~~~ your manglish blog so 'beng' laug die me when reading it... kakaka... keep it up with that loh :p