Friday, February 15, 2008

My Way

Finally the internet connection in my office had become a little bit normal – at least the down time reduce from 90% to 30%.

Today is the 1st day of Chinese New Year and I am sitting in the office doing nothing. What to do, manager’s instruction to come to work even nothing to do.

Actually I don’t really mind coming to the office even have nothing to do, if the internet connection is ok – at least I can update my blog, multiply, upload pictures and do some chatting via messenger or forum, because I have nothing to do also in my apartment if staying at home.

I was really not in mood last few days due to ‘Festival Blues’ and overheard some comments about my working performance from others. I admit that I never put in my 100% effort to this job, because I was told not to. I tried to contribute to the job by applying my past experiences to make things better but it’s not appreciated. I tried to change the situation but seem they are happy with the messy way and told me do not ‘do more’. I really do not understand their mind set or maybe the problem is on me. However, someone told me to turn them down by surviving longer here, to make those disappointed. Anyway, I think I can survive.

Well, it’s better to cheer up during the 1st day of Lunar Calendar, and Chinese believe things happened today will reflect your luck for the whole year. I do not really trust on that, but I believe ‘开心一天,不开心也是一天’, I can’t let those to spoil my day.

I gone through even worst than this before, don’t think that you can beat me up.

I’ll do it my way.

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  1. sorry i have been a little slack at blog surfing lately and only realised about your work woes now. Cheer up. Sometimes, this can be attributable to time required to adjust to a new environment, and to allow other people to adjust to you as well. Be patient and see how things go - the decision will become clearer gradually.

    Gong Xi Fa Cai!