Sunday, March 30, 2008

1st and (Maybe) Last Post at Bahrain Airport

It's 7.30 p.m. right now and I am waiting here alone in departure hall in Bahrain Airport, waiting for my flight to go back to Malaysia.

It's only four months, the shortest period that I serve for a company so far in my career. You may wonder why out of sudden I took the decision to leave the company? Well, I am the kind of person that when I feel like I cannot grow together with the company, I will leave.

Maybe I am not suitable to work in foreign based company - I work six months in one Indian based company and four months for this Singaporean based company. I do not know, but I feel more comfortable to work with locals, because they are more easy to deal with. Or maybe the locals that I met before are all easy going, who knows?

But, most important for me now is, I finally realized that I am more interested to work in Petrochemical Construction Industry rather than Normal Commercial Construction Industry. I may had wasted four months staying in Bahrain but I'd found my way for my entire career. 

In this four months, I did a lot of readings and thinking. I start to realize what is more important to me and what is less. Yes, I lost a high pay job, but I will get higher pay in the future if I further my career in Petrochemical Construction Industry.

And my lovely home country with a lot of delicious foods, I AM COMING BACK!

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