Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oh My Banana Friend, Let's Read This!!

Received complaints from few of my Banana Friends:'I can't read your blog, I only use my estimation and guesstimation to understand what you write in those Chinese words together with the photos.....'

Oh sorry dear, I forgot you are not as lucky as me and do not have chance to learn Chinese in primary or secondary school. (Thanks Malaysian government and MCA!!) Haha!! So this post is for you all Bananas.

Just a little update, I had quit my Bahrain's job, due to various reasons, and had mobilized myself to Bintulu, Oiltown in Sarawak. So far, things is going well here and I managed to adapt myself here. (My adaptability is strong, haha!!)

Things changed, I am no more working in Contractor side, but manage to secure a job in Consultant firm. I am lucky to have this opportunity, as not many Contractor's personnel can transfer to Consultant firm easily. Appreciated.

But anyway, finally I went back to the same line - Project Planning and Control, not as what I was assigned as in Bahrain. This is the major reason that made me decided to change my job as well.

Work.. work.. work..No personal life gah?

So far nothing special happened after working hours, maybe one day if I have, I will share with all of you in the future.

Until next post, see ya!

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