Saturday, May 09, 2009


Police Magnum Keychain pepper sprays are some of the strongest pepper sprays on the market today:

1/2 oz Keychain Pepper Spray Police Magnum

Police Magnum ORMD Pepper Spray 1/2 oz. Keychain Unit. Measures 3″. Keyring is attached to bottom of unit. Contains 0.5 ounces of pepper spray.

This unit has UV identifying dye so that your attacker is marked for easy identification.

Keychain pepper sprays are excellent because often times people are attacked at or on the way to their car and by having your pepper spray on the keychain you are likely to be in good position to defend yourself against an assailant most times.

Police Magnum brand 17% OC contains uv identifying sye supper hot pepper spray.

对不起,我错怪了她,那的确是一个钥匙圈,只是多了一个叫着‘Papper Spray’的功用。


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