Friday, May 15, 2009

关于RON 97和RON 95 - 一位网友的回复

- please check your car engine (compression ratio) before u use RON95...normally it will state in your car booklet.

- Remember this table
RON92 = suitable for engine with compression ratio 1:9.2 or below
RON97 = suitable for engine with compression ratio above 1:9.7
RON95 = suitable for engine with compression between 1: 9.2 <--> 9.7

- different model of car got different compression ratio

- Like Benz, BM and those high-end car, the compression ratio is 1:10 (some is more than 10), in other word to say, it is more efficien lah

- Most of the low-end car like proton and others, the compression ratio is 1:9.7 (if I remember correctly lah)

- This is why they increase the RON97 price because only those high-end car is using this kind of oil, and low-end car (low income people also lah) sure can use RON95.... But they forgot that our malaysia best selling car--> MyVi :(

- Our malaysia second car manufacturer --> perodua, most of the engine the compression ratio is above 9.7 !!!!!!!!!!!! especially MyVi 1.3 the compression ratio is 1:10.5

- Some Technical expert said, if we use RON95 with engine compression ratio that more than 10, it will cause some damage to the engine (not immediately lah soon or later)

- RON95 and RON97 produce same amount of waste gas, no different to environment. But it is not good if we use RON95 for engine with compression ratio 10, it will reduce the efficiency of power (in other word to said we will encounter low power, what to do? press harder on the Oil paddle, then what will happen? fuel consume more loh....

CONCLUSION..... we are lulu now :(


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