Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Nomex Coverall

Was rush back to KL after working last Sunday. To catch the time, I was wearing my Nomex Coverall and drove all the way from Kerteh to KL. When I arrived and decided to had something to bite at one of the mamak store in PJ, everyone was looking at my Orange Color Nomex Coverall like they never seen before. The worst is when I meet up my friends there, the 1st question they ask is 'Are you going to destroy the metreo and save the world like the Movie Armmagadon???' LOL.

To let you all know, Normex Coverall is a fire fighting shirt that resistant to fire (Don't ask me how long, I dare not to try....). This is one of the requirement of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for entering any live plant. I am not going to save the world like the movie, ok?

The White Tees Gang

Was being called back to Shah Alam for meeting this week, surely get shoot...... :(

Anyway, the best thing is I got chance to meet up all my old pals in Sunway and PJ for gathering, dinner, talking bull shits cause we have plenty of free time to spend during night time. The reason is they all are still single and available til now. (Me and Sam Excluded.)

Last night we were gathering up for a dinner at 'Ming Tien', Taman Mega, PJ. Accidentally, we are all wearing white tees and Sam suggested to named us 'The White Tees Gang' and we are going to rob a bank soon. :P

Here are the members of The White Tees Gang:

Pierre Lee aka Sei Ngan Chai, shy guy, white white clean clean, available.

Takuya aka Ah Weng (or Sam). We prefer to call him Takuya cause we have plenty of friends called Sam. Nice guy, my ex-room mate during Uni.

Sean Chan aka India. IT prof. Thanks for room to 'tumpang' everytime i visit to Sunway. Kam Dong.

Sam, the most lengchai among us all. (I am the 2nd after him, of course!) IT prof as well. Expert in Mobile phone (selling, haha). Plenty of gal frens but he still consider himself available all the time.

And the last member, Yip aka Tai Fei, was busy taking candid shot of other members, so no photo was taken.......

Thursday, July 07, 2005


Was relocated to another project recently. My new project is to build up some new line for Petronas Ammonia Gas Berhad in Kerteh Terengganu. Due to the project is carrying out inside a live plant, we cannot bring our vehicle in (but their staff can, weird.) to avoid fire cause by the spark from the engine of the vehicle (that's what they told me, :P).

So with no choice i have to walk 'round 3km from the main gate to access to my site office 4 times a day (Pergi, balik and lunch). At 1st, what strike into my mind is:"What is few km walking for me, no problem at all!" Haha.

After the 1st day of walking, wa lao, legs pain like hell, somemore need to carry the heavy note book. With immediate decission, i go to buy a new bicycle for my daily traveling use. Haha, that brought out my memory of cycling those day. I had a racer bike during my secondary school time and i used to use it to travel around. I like that bike but unfortunately it was stolen.

Haha, with the previous cycling experiences, I am damn confident that I can easily cycle for that 3km with high speed. What I discovered during my 1st ride was, I am getting old already.......Yes, I am old liao. I can't even talk immediately after I came down from the bike, and my breath was fast like hell. SHIT!

The moral of the story is: You have to accept the fact that you are getting older each day.....

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Luckiest Man

Feeling really happy recently. Finally I have spoken the three magic words that I never think that it will come out from my mouth. This is the 1st time I tell her and I really mean it. You all should know how hard to tell the three magic words to your love one even you really love her the most. But my experience tell me that it's really the greatest feeling that i ever have when i tell the words to her. My God, the best is when she got the positive reply by telling you the same words. Alamak, I think i won't forget the feeling for the rest of my life....

So, my advice is, go and tell 'I LOVE YOU' to your love one before it's too late.

I love you Nana and I am the luckiest to have you with me now.